Become a volunteer at
Samen Opgroeien in Tilburg

Samen Opgroeien Tilburg matches parents who could use some support with either a ‘support parent’ or a family volunteer. Not a social worker, but someone who is just there to help. 

As a family volunteer you help create a relaxed and healthy environment for children to grow up in. Are the issues more complicated and do they require more help? As a volunteer you can ask for support from the coordinator of Samen Opgroeien, who also has a background as a social worker. If necessary, they can bring in extra assistance and visit the family more frequently.

What can you do as a volunteer for a family?

Guidance and training

As a volunteer of Samen Opgroeien Tilburg you will be well prepared and guided. We offer initial training, thematic meetings and opportunities to share experiences with each other. You will receive personal coaching from the coordinator, with whom you are in regular contact.

Are you interested in visiting a family once a week or every other week and becoming a valuable volunteer?

Being in direct contact with people and being able to help them in any way gives me great satisfaction. The families appreciate me coming along and I get the chance to bridge the gap between the people who work in the office (work I used to do myself) and the people I’m helping. I can simply help without all the tedious administrative tasks. People are changing, becoming more confident and gaining back energy right in front of me.